Drivers News 

Buy Backs: Buy backs are available for $10, ($20 for the Buckeye Brawl) if you loose 1st round, for all Adult Classes. If you would like to buy back you must come to the staging lanes when Buy Backs are called for the class you are running. We will collect the Buy Back Fee in the staging lanes. Buy back cars will be called 1st at the beginning of the 2nd round, followed by 1st round winners. The buy backs will run 1st until they are finished. If there happens to be and odd amount, the car remaining will run the 1st car from the winners. The 1st round winner will have lane choice. Buy Back cars are not eligible to receive bye runs during the buy back round but may receive them in later rounds.

Round Money:Round money will be paid starting with the second round for Adult Classes. Round Money is $5 per round win (starting with 2nd round). 1st & 2nd place winners of the class are not eligible for Round Money. You must collect your Round Money before you leave the Race. You will not be eligible to collect it at another race. Round Money will not  be paid at the Buckeye Brawl Race.

Points System:

* Drivers will sign up for points at registration, There will be a $10 Fee For Adult Classes

* You can only run for points in one class.

* If there is a tie in any class there will be a runoff at the last Regular race of the year. If time does not permit us to have a run off then the racer with the most round wins for the season will win the tie.

* The last Race of The Year Does not Count Towards Points.

* There will be a Points Run Off at the last Race of The Year. All First Place Point Winners

 * In the Adult Classes will Run to see Who will be The Track Champion. The Track

Champion will Receive $400.

* If the last race of the year is canceled due to weather conditions we will determine the Track Champion at our awards Banquet by Luck of The Draw (Whoever Draws the Highest Card)

* Points are awarded to the driver in a specific class - not the car
* Points entered in one class are not transferable to another class
* Substitute drivers are not eligible to earn points

Pee - Wee, JR/JR & JR/SR:                          

* 1 point for attending race                                          

* 3 points for 1st Place                                               

* 2 points for 2nd Place                                                

* 1 point for 3rd Place                                             

* 2 points for attending all races.                              

Adult Classes:

* 1 point for attending race
* 1 Point per round win
* 1/2 point per round lost

* 2 points for 1st Place
* 1 point for 2nd Place

* 2 points for attending all races

Perfect Combo:Any Adult Racer who has a perfect light and runs right on their  dial will win $50 dollars. You must present your time slip for Payout.