Racer Classes & Fee's

Sand Drags

Kids Classes

Pee - Wee: $5.00 to Run: Ages 5 and Under. Power Wheels Only

"At the tracks discretion 5yr olds have the option to run JR/JR." The Track Officials Must Deem That The 5yr old Can Safely Ride And Operate Their Machine

* There is a 50cc Limit for 5yr olds that run JR/JR*

JR/JR: $10.00 to Run: Ages 6 to 10 Quads, Go Karts etc. (No Dirt Bikes)

JR/SR: $10.00 to Run: Ages 11 to 15 Quads, Go Karts, JR    Dragsters (No Dirt Bikes)

"At the tracks discretion 14yr old's have the option to run Adult Quad (With PROOF of AGE)." The Track Officials Must Deem That the 14yr Old Can Safely Ride and Operate Their Machine.


All Kids Classes will receive trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place

* Please see JR. Class Rules *

Adult Classes 

Quad Class: $30.00 to Run Quads, 3 Wheelers & Snowmobiles Only No Side by Sides (the only exception to this would be if a JR/SR that is 14 or older

runs a side by side then they would run this class)

Sorry no motorcycles at this time.

Sportsman Class: $30.00 to Run must run 5.51 or slower to run this class.

* Side by Sides will run this class only.

Pro Class: $30.00 to Run (No et limitations)

 Anyone can run this class, *EXCEPT* No Quads, 3 Wheelers, Snowmobiles or Side by Sides

The only exception to the above rule would be: If a side by side runs faster then 5.51 then they would be moved to this class.

Super Pro: $30.00 to Run Must Run 5.50 or Faster to be able to

run this class.

No Quads, 3 Wheelers, Snowmobiles or Side by Sides

Test N Tune: $20.00 You can Test N Tune on a regular race day. If you decide to race you must let us know before eliminations start.

Buggies will Run with Sportsman Class, Pro Class or Super Pro.

You must meet the class' requirements to run that specified class.

* Please see Event Rules *