Track Rules

1. Race entries will be purchased at the gate.

2. All vehicles must go through tech. Your registration must be completely filled out and turned in before  time trials.

3. If your race vehicle breaks you can transfer your entry to another vehicle. You must notify a track official. This can only be done once a day. If you do not transfer your entry, a refund will be given, minus the spectator fee, [ if you have not gone down the track yet.]

4. Double entries are permitted ,but not in the same class.

5.Bye Runs will be drawn before each round starts and announced before the round starts, You can not turn down the bye run. The  bye  run car will be pulled to the side and wait until the end of the class. If there is an even number of cars the bye run car will have lane choice and be eligible to receive the bye in a later round. You are only eligible for one bye run per day unless all cars remaining have already had a bye run.  

6. The head of staging will pull you onto the track, please wait for their signal.

7. If your car breaks  down  or will not start in staging you will be put on a 3 min. timer. If you are unable to run, the car behind you will take  your place. If you break once you have been pulled out, the car that was running  with you will get a bye run, but this will be  considered a break run. He will still be eligible to be drawn for a bye run in the following rounds.

8. Drivers must stay with their car in staging and be ready to race.

9. The starter has the right to disqualify any driver that they deem unsafe.

10. You are permitted to change classes before eliminations start but you must notify the head of staging.

11. Once the race begins, you cannot change drivers. Drivers can only be switched in eliminations if the original driver loses the first round and the substitute driver buys back in. This driver must finish the race and cannot be switched.

12. No down track throttle stops or Speed controls of Any Kind.

13. You are not permitted to lock up your brakes at the finish line.

14. No delay boxes allowed.

15. No passengers are permitted to go down the track.

16. If you are racing you must have the required safety equipment for your class.

17. Any vehicle running 5.00 or faster, must have an SFI approved jacket.

18. Any vehicle running alcohol or nitrous must have SFI approved jacket and pants.

19. All drivers and pit crews must conduct themselves in a sportsmans Like manner.

20. If you have a complaint, STAY CALM...,....  and  only the DRIVER should talk to an official. If Your Crew, Wife, Husband or Children yell at  any track official, You WILL BE DISQUALIFIED WITH NO REFUND..

21. The workers are there to do a job and they try to do it well, If you have a problem, see Doug, Dave or TammyThere will be no cussing  or yelling at any worker, FOR ANY REASON.

22. Anyone causing any problems or attempting to disrupt the operation of the track, will be asked to leave.

23. The speed limit is 5 mph EVERYWHERE EXCEPT ON THE RACE TRACK and will be strictly enforced on the return road and on the grounds.

24. No use of drugs or alcohol will be  permitted byany driver at any time during a race. If a driver is caught drinking or under the  influence of drugs they will be disqualified and asked to leave, and no refund will be given.

25.All race vehicles must have at lest one working tail light..

26. Sorry no Motorcycles at this time.

27. All drivers must check the dial in boards to make sure your dial is right during "ALL" rounds of eliminations before you stage.  Once you stage you are stating that your dial is correct and you own that dial. There will be NO re-runs once you have run the race because of a  wrong dial.  There are no exceptions to this rule.

Quad Class:

1. You must wear Long Sleeves, Long Pants and Proper Shoes. (Absolutely no Open Toed Shoes)

2. Helmets

3. Must Have A Working Tether On Quads, 3 Wheeler's & Snowmobiles 

4. 14yr olds can run this class, You must show the track that you are able to handle your machine.

5. Anyone under the age of 16 must present a birth certificate to us.

     If you do not present one you will NOT be permitted to RUN Adult Quad

6. No side by sides

7. The only exception to rule 6 would be: If a JR/SR that is 14 or above runs a side by side and wishes to run in adult ATV Class, They will be permitted to run in this class.

Sportsman Class:

All vehicles in this class must run 5.51 or slower

Anyone can run this class *ExCEPT* No Quads, 3 Wheelers & Snowmobiles

** Side by Sides will run this class  **

Pro Class:

No et limits

Anyone can run this class *EXCEPt* No Quads, 3 Wheelers, Snowmobiles or Side by Sides

The only exception to the above rule would be: If a side by side runs faster then 5.51 then they would be moved to this class.

Super Pro:

All Cars in this class must run 5.50 or faster

No Quads, 3 Wheelers, Snowmobiles or Side by Sides

All Classes:

1. Must Wear a Helmet

2. Must Wear Seat Belt (For Street Vehicles Only) or Harness

3. No Opened toed shoes

4. No passengers are permitted in any class

5. Any Car running 5.00 or faster Must wear an SFI approved fire jacket

6. Any Car running Nitrous or Alcohol Must wear a SFI approved fire suit