Ground Rules

1. No recreational riding during an event.

2. Speed limit is 5mph and will be enforced.

3. Please use trash containers.

4. No pets in spectator or pit area.

5. No glass bottles.

6. No illegal drugs, anyone found under the influence of drugs will be escorted off of the property with 


7. No fireworks.

8. The creek is NOT the property of Bull Run Raceway. Please KEEP OUT!!

9. No excessive noise or rowdiness after 12am.

10. Bull Run Raceway reserves the right to escort any unruly person(s) off of the grounds with

      NO REFUNDS!!

11. No grilling of food is  permitted in spectator area.


Dogs are not permitted in spectator areas or staging. They must stay at your camper and be on a leash or tie out at all times and not able to reach the road or someone walking by. If you do not have a camper dogs must stay at your vehicle on a leash or a tie out and they must not be able to reach the road or anyone walking by. We do not allow any aggressive breeds. You are fully responsible for cleaning up after your dog and for their actions.